Why is Self-Care Important?

Parenting can be exhausting. And even though it is very rewarding in the end (so I’m told), it does not provide many short term rewards. It can feel like we are constantly focused on our children. “Mom-burnout” is very real. To keep up with all the family daily demands, parents need to ensure they are not neglecting themselves. This is why self-care is so important.
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Best List of Family Board Games

*Disclaimer: I may make a commission for purchases made through the following links. But, trust me, all thoughts and opinions are those of me and my family!

Family game night is starting to become a regular occurrence in our house. The kids are starting to be old enough that games will hold their attention and that they will follow the rules. Sometimes we still have to have “Game Night” during the youngest’s nap time, because he does have a tendency to clear everything off the table. Everything.

Playing games as a family is an easy way to spend time together, and some of the conversations that come about during game night are quite entertaining in themselves! If games aren’t your thing, reading books together is also a great bonding time.

Best List of Family Board Games

Now, there are some games that a better suited to young children than others. And it will depend on your kids as well. A friend’s 7 year old loves to play chess, but I don’t think this the norm for everyone. Finding a game that is right for your family will highly increase everyone’s enjoyment.

Enjoy this list of the best family board games that we all love!

The Best List of Family Board Games. Is your favorite on the list?
Best Family Board Games

Fundomino. This game is a fun blend of domino’s with UNO. It includes matching tiles, but also has wild, pick-up 2, and take-another-turn tiles. This games is lots of fun, and also helps my 4 year old learn to recognize his numbers. It is our newest addition to our game collection, and will definitely become a favorite!

Cards – Go Fish, Old Maid, UNO. Card games are a staple for every game night, and Go Fish is one of the first to get introduced. Cards can be tricky for players with little hands, but my husband made us these great card holders and we have been using them for years!

Best Family Games
Card holders perfect for little hands

Snakes & Ladders – A classic board game that is still very enjoyable. Everyone needs to watch out for those snakes that take you down!

Mousetrap – In this great game, you will put together a series of game pieces as you progress around the board. All the pieces will act as a mouse trap and will catch the unlucky mouse that ends up on the cheese space! The game will teach kids how pieces can work together and the cause and effect of certain actions.

Sorry! – Of course, we have the Frozen version of this popular game, but once you get past that, it is still quality family fun.

Memory – There are many different versions of this one as well, Despicable Me, Marvel Superheros, but it works great to improve attention spans of little minds. We also have one that has grown-up and baby animals, so you can teach animal names and big/small opposites at the same time!

Twister – A fun game to get the whole body moving! A physical game, and a fun way to start the kids learning their right and left.

Guess Who? – My son loves this game, and always wants to have someone with a big mustache! It fun listening to the questions the kids ask about the different people.

Hungry Hungry Hippos – The kids get a thrill out of eating all those marbles! This simple game is fun for everyone, even our two year old boy.

Best Family Game Night
Hungry Hungry Hippos – A fun game that everyone can play!

Connect 4 – This is a logic game, that requires thinking about your moves. Our 6 year old loves playing this with her dad!

It’s Game On!

Hopefully you found some new games to add to your repertoire. Do you have some favorites for family game night? Give me your suggestions!!

My Laundry Routine Hacks

My house is not what you would call “organized”. With 3 young kids, there’s only so much you can do. But laundry is one area I can control and stay on top off. And so can you with these laundry routine hacks.
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Make Your Own Fall Apple Craft

Big, red apples and Fall go hand and hand. And this fall apple craft is simple to do, and looks really great when its done. Easy enough for kids, nice enough for parents.

To me, Fall means apples. The apple trees are producing, which means lots of apple baking, and usually the first science lesson at the kids school is about apples. Apples, apples, apples.
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Best Ideas for a Family Friendly House

If you are building a new family friendly house, or renovating the one you have, is in your future, you will want to make sure that the choices you make will stand the test of time.

Building a house is a big commitment. I am sure that you have poured over floor plans, drooled over dream kitchens, and designed and redesigned your master bath oasis. There are many, many choices to be made when you are starting from scratch on a new home. Continue reading “Best Ideas for a Family Friendly House”

Kids DIY Marker Organizer

Do your children have trouble keeping craft supplies neat and tidy? Every crafty mom knows the struggle: crayons, markers, papers, stickers… everywhere! Get your children involved with this kids DIY marker organizer!

My daughter loves to do crafts. She can quite often be found colouring, cutting, or molding. She also likes to hang onto random items, claiming they are perfect for a future “project”. Continue reading “Kids DIY Marker Organizer”

Best Nutrition Tips for Kids

As parents, we know how important it is for kids to eat well and be physically active. But figuring out how to achieve proper nutrition in kids can be more challenging. These nutrition tips for kids will make it easier for everyone to eat better.

When kids eat a balanced diet, they have the nutrients and energy to grow as they should. Energy from calories is needed for muscular work, to fuel the brain and nervous system, and to make and repair body tissue. In kids, calories are also used to power growth and development.
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How I’m Getting Organized for Back to School!

Ready for a new school year? This is how I am getting organized for back to school!

I know that everyone has been enjoying their summer, and the school days of last year seem like a distant memory, but what you might not remember (or choose to forget) is the scrambled disarray that was “School”.
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Grocery Store Look & Find

Mom life is always busy. Sometimes the only break in the chaos is when mom gets to go grocery shopping. Alone.

However, this luxury is not always possible, and the kids come along on the shopping trip. But that doesn’t have to mean the chaos also has to tag along! Keeping children contained and entertained is key to a successful shopping trip. Enter: “Grocery Store Look & Find”.

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Our Most Loved Board Books

Everyone knows how important it is to start reading to children at a young age. The best board books make it fun for kids and parents.

Our family has always had regular story times. This time is great for togetherness, and works to settle down the kids or have some laughs. I have put together a list of our favorite board books, that all three of my kids just love!
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